Luxury Lavender and Geranium reed Diffuser: 100ml


Our diffusers are made in the UK using the finest ingredients including our very own Lavender Essential Oil
This diffuser is a wonderful flowery fragrance that reminds you of long summer afternoons, for a more lightly scented room simply use less reeds. The perfumes are designed to be subtle to give a wonderful background aroma.
These reeds are made from a mix of fabrics, each reed has thousands of tiny holes within that soak the fluid along their entire length. They do not need replacing or turning.


Lavender Farm
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Lavender Essential oil is renowned for its anti-anxiety and stress busting properties, there are plenty of scientific studies to support this, such as in 2008 Masahiro Toda et al showed lavender aroma has a stress relief effect, as well as years of anecdotal evidence, the 2 primary organic compounds are linalool and linalyl acetate terpenes and these have shown to increase parasympathetic activity (the rest and digest system) which is so important for relaxation and healing, and even anti-inflammatory and pain reducer. Linalool can deter mosquitoes with 93% efficiency! (Jun 2009 study by Muller et al showed linalool diffusers repelled mosquitoes by 93%)
Lavender essential oil and the linalool component showed sedative actions in healthy adults in a study by Heuberger et al 2004
Geranium is a scent similar to rose but with more of a lemony twist

  • Warning: as with all perfumed products do use with care.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Avoid contact with polished and delicate surfaces and fabrics, if possible stand on a glass tray or durable surface.
  • Always clean any spillages immediately
  • Keep away from naked flames
  • Any contact with eyes should be washed away with plenty of clean water.

Lavender Farm

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