Relax! Room Spray


Delightful fresh, relaxing Room Spray with a long lasting rosemary and lavender fragrance


Lavender Farm
Full description

Relax! with this delightful high quality light aromatic room spray, the lavender and Rosemary scent is relaxing and calming , it contains our essential oil

A few sprays into a room refreshes the air and gives a lovely homely feel, bringing you back to lazy summer days in a lavender field surrounded by the deepest purple and gently buzzing bees!

This room spray is using our high quality  oil in a natural vegetable derived, alcohol & glycol free fluid.

If using on fabric , test on a small area to see if the oil stains, avoid on plastics and polished surfaces


Keep out of reach of children

IF IN EYES : rinse cautiously with water for several minutes, remove contact lenses if present, continue rinsing.

Contains: Eucalyptol, alpha- pinene, Linalyl, Linalool so may produce an allergic reaction