Sleepy Pillow Spray


Sleepy Pillow Spray

A wonderful lavender pillow and linen spray, to help you drift off into a relaxing deep sleep

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Lavender Farm
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Who doesn’t want to sleep well? This delightful Pillow Spray will help you drift off into a relaxed sleep.

Made using our very own Angustifolia Lavender essential oil

A few sprays on your bed linen is all that is needed to help you drift off ( not to be used on plastics or polished surfaces)

A natural blend of essential oil, natural vegetable derived  alcohol and glycol free liquid

100ml in a beautiful clear glass bottle

Keep out of the reach of children

If in eyes , wash out with plenty of water and if required seek medical advice

For those scientifically minded the results of a 2021 trial showed very good results for the lavender aroma , see below:

 2021; 11: 1078.
Published online 2021 Jan 13. doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-80171-x
PMCID: PMC7806966
PMID: 33441798

A pilot study on essential oil aroma stimulation for enhancing slow-wave EEG in sleeping brain